Living Therapies supports women, men and children with complementary health services in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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Practitioner Elizabeth Khalu provides private sessions from her clinic in the picturesque hinterland town of Palmwoods. Sessions typically include counselling and/or body work depending on the clients requirements.


About Us

Elizabeth has an extensive background of supporting people with their health and well-being. A professional background in General Nursing /Midwifery has laid the foundation for her work with men, women and children in many areas of life with a particular interest in women’s health.

A career history of working with children in care, women and children in crisis, to working with people from different cultural backgrounds, and even employed as a design consultant to design living and work spaces for people with health and well-being the main focus, she now brings her expertise and understanding of how all life impacts on our body and being, to work with people in her Living Therapies clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

She offers a range of deeply healing bodywork therapies

including Chakra-puncture, Massage, Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy. If you would like to learn more feel free to get in touch.


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