About Elizabeth Khalu

Elizabeth has an extensive background of supporting people with their health and well-being. A professional background in General Nursing /Midwifery has laid the foundation for her work with men, women and children in many areas of life with a particular interest in women’s health.

A career history of working with children in care, women and children in crisis, to working with people from different cultural backgrounds, and even employed as a design consultant to design living and work spaces for people with health and well-being the main focus, she now brings her expertise and understanding of how all life impacts on our body and being, to work with people in her Living Therapies clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

Elizabeth’s work follows the understanding and fact that we are not only physical but first and foremost energetic beings and when this part of ourselves becomes misaligned, it causes imbalance and dis-harmony in our body and our daily life, eventually resulting in illness and dis-ease.

She applies a range of complementary therapies, supporting the body to return to its natural balance, while also coaching her client in ways of daily living which support them further to heal from the conditions, illnesses, situations and general dis-ease of their life. Confirming her clients to know who they truly are is a large part of her healing treatments and once they feel this from within they have the key to changing their life in very positive and lasting ways.

“It’s lovely to work with people and be able to confirm to them who they truly are. It’s even lovelier when they confirm it themselves, feeling the difference in their body and their own being-ness.”  

Call Elizabeth on 0428 815 211 for more information or to book a session.